Biotekcell Based Assays
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BioTek’s multi-mode readers, microplate washers and dispensers help to automate cell-based assays that are target-based and phenotypic assays. Our scientific staff has published many application notes describing novel methods across a broad range of cell-based assays. As the cellular model associated with cell-based assays has become progressively more complex, microplate readers need to adapt to accommodate these advances. Sono utilizzati cookies per fornire ai visitatori del sito la migliore esperienza possibile. As the cellular model associated with cell-based assays has become progressively more complex, microplate readers need to adapt to accommodate these advances. These include the addition of highly sensitive detection modes, such as time-resolved fluorescence, to better develop robust assays with the endogenous expression of proteins of interest. Send us your samples or names of pathogens you want us to identify. We will analyze the associated DNA sequence and develop PCR based assays for you in a timely fashion. We can also run the PCR assays on your samples and send you the final testing results. What we need from you: Names of the organisms that you want to detect or identify. What are the different types of cell-based assays Cell-based assays provide a wealth of information and are valuable tools in drug discovery applications. We have highlighted commonly used assays and their use to determine which kit is suitable for your research needs.

A cell culture assay is any method which is used to assess the cytotoxicity of a material. This refers to the in vitro assessment of a material to determine whether it releases toxic chemicals in sufficient quantities to kill cells either directly or indirectly through the inhibition of cell metabolic pathways. In cell based assays, HBV strains expressing the rtV173L, rtL180M, and rtM204I/ V mutations associated with resistance to lamivudine and telbivudine showed a susceptibility to tenofovir ranging from 0.7- to 3.4-fold that of wild-type virus.

Online data analysis tools for your assays. Configured for popular kits and methods. No download or install required for analysis. Free basic service with optional. Assay types based on the nature of the assay process Time and number of measurements taken. Depending on whether an assay just looks at a single time point or timed readings taken at multiple time points, an assay may be: An end point assay, in which a single measurement is performed after a fixed incubation period; or.

Cell-Based Assays. Cell-based assays offer a more accurate representation of the real-life model and also offer the possibility of a dynamic experiment through monitoring the numbers or behavior of the live cells. Cell-based assays have always been a powerful tool in the research lab. Physiologically relevant cellular assays are increasingly used to test drug candidates or decipher complex signaling pathways. One major development in recent years has been the implementation of these assays in highthroughput systems. 3D cell-based screenings are also gaining momentum, since cells thrive better in a threedimensional.

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